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  • What Is The 2022 Teach-In Focus?
    This session we will be focusing on Rebuilding Black Wall Street with focus on the following: The history of Black Wall Street What do we need to do to make a sustainable Black Wall Street community 2022 How do we accomplish this within a government structure that looks like the USGOV Pride in literacy, focusing on literature from Authors that look like us, the readers..
  • How Do I Access The Sessions?
    All families will be provided with the Zoom log-in credentials. All sessions will run for 90-minutes 11:00 am - 12:30 pm. After registering we will remit start dates and time for the Elementary, Middle School, and High School sessions.
  • Can I Enroll My Child If They Are Non-POC?
    Of course, however, we have a maximum capacity for 100 students. It is important BIPOC scholars are prioritized, so to instill pride in self and community, close the "receivement gap", and bridge the wealth gaps traditionally experienced in BIPOC communities.
  • How Do I Register For The Teach-In?
    Easy, just go here and fill out the form.
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