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Founder and Visionary

More than 30 years in the making, Sonia Lewis, a former high school teacher took a leap of faith to establish ASCRIBE Educational Consulting, giving life to her vision and dreams of educational equity. Sonia at age 7 refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance because “liberty and justice for all” failed the collective of Black people and communities. Over her lifetime, she experienced and witnessed the assassination of Black girl genius, the adultifications of Black childhoods, and the impact of generational trauma. Imagine the message of "you are so loud and ghetto" being drilled into your psyche, when all you want is to be heard, seen, and valued. 


Walking in the shoes of a CEO is about leadership, and the mission is to leverage equity, humanity, and belonging. The vision is to redress, reclaim, and reaffirm all of the contributions of those who built this country for FREE; those ancestors, who deserved but were denied access to resources they deserved. This mission and vision will provide opportunities for today’s youth to walk in the comforts of knowing the true power of self-determination and success beyond survival. Beyond the shoes of a CEO, Sonia is an unflinching and unapologetically Black social justice warrior who dedicates her time to grassroots issues. Her work as an Anti-Racism Impact Activist and Equity Broker is in alignment with the ultimate goal of marrying educational equity and social justice, so humanity and belonging can stand boldly front and center of any team. She describes herself as an "Around the Way Girl" from the Oakland, CA of the '80s...she's an extremely proud Spelman woman, a wife, mommy, author, motivational speaker, and Social Justice change agent.

Sonia witnessed her parents do everything right, in accordance with ideations of the American dream....yet and still they know first hand the impacts of racism. ASCRIBE was birthed out of this realization and false narrative and promise of hope. In the spirit of the Sankofa bird, ASCRIBE is on a mission to retrieve all of the things our ancestors were denied based on race, class, gender, and socio-economic status. Likewise, the vision nurtures what we know to be true about resilience - strength, endurance, and resourcefulness. Uniquely positioned, ASCRIBE is about building a legacy, while actualizing the reality of an Anti-Racist future.

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Chief Financial Officer & Research Analyst

From Administrative Assistant to Author, Rita has worked in a variety of industries, in a variety of capacities. A retired, widower, Rita brings a 'baby boomer' perspective to the ASCRIBE family. She plays a critical role in monitoring and managing financial opportunities to help foster ASCRIBE's sustainability. Rita loves to travel and to enjoy time with her family, blood and chosen. She has been the President of South Sacramento AGLOW International, is grounded in community service, and finding equity-driven solutions for the most vulnerable in community.

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Operations Executive

Tenisha Lewis is a Social Worker by profession and brings many years of experience in seeking Equity to ASCRIBE. Tenisha thrives on back-end operations and putting systems into motion that produces action-driven outcomes. Tenisha has earned a BS degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Soc from Cal State University, East Bay (formerly known as Hayward State). She has dreamed of a world where children are provided with resources and given agency to learn and thrive.

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Project Manager

With an experienced and trustworthy eye for brand messaging, Kim brings a worth of knowledge to our Social Media team and campaign development. Kim is masterful at articulating ASCRIBE's vision, so to connect with the greater community we serve. These are only a few words that come to mind when thinking of our campaign manager, Kim Duke. She is a wizard of words and operations.

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Equity Intern & College Blogger

Malik Lewis is a second-year college student, studying business construction and has a goal of solving housing inequities. As our Equity Intern, Malik is learning valuable skills to identify and imagine solutions outside of the box, while learning to channel and own his thoughts and voice. Malik Lewis is a humble, gentle giant, who finds joy in helping others and listening to ocean waves.

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Youth Success Specialist & Youth Ambassador Blogger

A natural-born leader, Ahmaad is a trustworthy, fun, and kind scholar-athlete. Ahmaad is a high school senior, who is determined to earn full-ride academic scholarships to multiple Ivy League institutions, where he desires to prepare to become a doctor. He is an invaluable asset to our team.

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Brand Warriors

The magic of ASCRIBE is the intergenerational perspectives that drive our relationships and the development of our unique services. Their voices hold tremendous weight and help us shape nuanced approaches to finding solutions for our clients.  Our Brand Warriors speak volumes to the need for educational equity and so much more. When we need peer-to-peer youth leadership these three are sure to provide 3 very different responses worth evaluating.

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