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We Are Reimagining The Possibilities Of Educational, Workplace, And Racial Equity.


The key to our approach is to fight for the very things our ancestors earned and deserved but were denied because of Race, Class, Gender, and Economic status.


Since 2009, the mission has included an informed attempt to lift and center the importance of the Black lived experience.


Studies continue to support what BIPOC people already know intention, representation, inclusivity, and intersectionality matter. Why? You may ask, it's simple when the most marginalized in the community are brought to the center humanity becomes a matter of importance.  When Black Lives and BIPOC perceptions are valued the perpetuation of norms that result in othering, silencing, and erasing marginalized groups is challenged.

Likewise, it is important to collectively understand that when Black people win, everyone wins and racism hurts everyone, especially Non-POC.


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 There is no greater time than the present to center Equity, while healing and bridging the gaping wounds perpetuating the ills of a very racist past and present.  


It is only when we are intentional in building productive relationships, strategically planning to drive action, and positively impacting people on the margins of the margins, that we can actually say, "All lives matter."


Our goal is to curate safe and brave spaces where we can partner together to reflect and deconstruct the micro and macro experiences associated with the norms and dysfunctions of the American dream, which hinges on an intersection of male white dominance.


Normal never met the needs of the most vulnerable and disenfranchised in the community, thus ASCRIBE seeks to leverage the possibility of Equity, Humanity, and Restoration. 

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