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Leaders Consider Coaching If...

Your organization has Mandated Equity Development learning experiences

You aren't confident in your ability to engage in conversations about "Race, Equity, and Racism"

You don't want to insult the importance of addressing racism in the workplace with insufficient DEI training

You feel shame or blame as a White or Non-POC for your Privilege and Power

You feel compelled to do something because other organizations are doing so

You don't think your organization has a problem with "Race, Racism, or White Supremacy."

Your office, team, or organization is diverse

You decide what is best for your team and no one can pressure you to change

You believe conversations that deal with "Race, Racism, or White Supremacy" is a distraction from your company's mission and vision

Then Equity Mindset Shift for Organization Leaders and Corporate Executives

might be right for you!


For Organizational Leaders and Corporate Executives

Leading is hard work, leaders need to have a degree of confidence, clarity, resilience, and vulnerability to connect. I want to take this list a step further and assert, that good leaders lead by being an example of learning on the job. I am here to assist you with the knowledge necessary to have an impactful conversation with your team about Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Racism in the workplace.

This 3-month program will fast-track and undergird the knowledge base required for Leaders and Executive to have a semblance of courage to navigate their team through Equity work.

Let's start by addressing your needs and schedule a consultation today!

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