Leaders Consider Coaching If...

  • Your organization has Mandated Equity Development learning experiences

  • You aren't confident in your ability to engage in conversations about "Race, Equity, and Racism"

  • You don't want to insult the importance of addressing racism in the workplace with insufficient DEI training

  • You feel shame or blame as a White or Non-POC for your Privilege and Power

  • You feel compelled to do something because other organizations are doing so

  • You don't think your organization has a problem with "Race, Racism, or White Supremacy."

  • Your office, team, or organization is diverse

  • You decide what is best for your team and no one can pressure you to change

  • You believe conversations that deal with "Race, Racism, or White Supremacy" is a distraction from your company's mission and vision

Then Equity Mindset Shift for Organization Leaders and Corporate Executives

might be right for you!

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