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Black Owned DEI Firms Serving Sacramento and Beyond

The demand and urgency for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity training for organizations, schools, and corporations have increased in recent years. However, the need for it was long overdue prior to the execution of George Floyd, Philando Castile, and Breonna Taylor.

When it comes to finding the DEI partner that is right for you and your operation, the options are endless. Sacramento is one of the most diverse cities in the US with a plethora of resources and community initiatives. We have rounded up a list of Black-owned and woman-owned Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity firms serving Sacramento, Northern California, and Internationally.

Sonia Lewis, ASCRIBE Educational Consulting

Ascribe Educational Consulting is not your traditional DEI firm. Unlike typical DEI firms, our services are designed to be a catalyst resource that encourages community members and organizations to reach the goal of Inclusivity and Belonging, so as to foster cultural shifts and positively impact the bottom line of productivity.

Their unique Triple-A approach challenges organizations to go beyond the acknowledgment of racism, by auditing policy, procedures, protocol, climate, culture, hiring, retention, and aligning the mission and vision of the organization with the needs of the people and communities served.


Gayle Guest Brown, Guest Brown Impact

Gayle is an accomplished Executive Leadership Coach and leadership development professional. She brings 30 years of successful leadership experience across five sectors of business, corporate, technology, non-profit, ministry, and entrepreneurship to work on your behalf. An influencer and connector of people with extensive communication, leadership skills, and financial and project management acumen, she’s worked in and with global Fortune 100 companies, state and local agencies, as well as, small startups.



April Michelle Jean, Pure Jeanious Consulting

April Michelle Jean is a racial justice trainer, consultant, community organizer, and systems change strategist whose 18-year career has focused on illuminating the impacts of race and racism on systems, institutions, organizations, communities, and individuals; with a specific focus on mitigating disparate outcomes for individuals who identify as Black/African American.

In her training and consulting, she examines the impact of race on systemic outcomes to promote liberation and justice for historically marginalized and disenfranchised communities. Her specific niche is in training organizational leaders on Cultural Competency/Responsiveness, Equity, Racial Justice, and Systems Thinking Approaches.


Tamu Greem, Equity & Wellness Institute

Dr. Tamu Green is a developmental psychologist and thought leader who brings expertise and lived experience in communities facing inequities in her pursuit of social justice through institutional and systems change. For nearly 30 years, she has been engaged in power-building efforts that synergize resources, facilitate equity-oriented decision-making, and turn advocacy into outcomes. Dr. Green is the CEO of the Equity and Wellness Institute, where she works collaboratively with a talented team of consultants to assess and meet a wide variety of clients' and communities needs.


Elaine-Abelaye Mateo, Everyday Impact Consulting

Since 2012, Elaine has served as the Founder and Principal Consultant of Everyday Impact Consulting. Elaine is an innovative social change executive with a passion for building meaningful relationships to create social good. Recognized as one of Sacramento Magazine’s 15 People to Watch, Elaine is known for her forward-thinking and strategic approaches to solving community problems.


The people listed above are vetted community members that have positively impacted the City of Sacramento. It may be appealing to outsource your DEI training but we want to encourage you to take into consideration working with your local resources to achieve your goals. When you partner with your local DEI firms you're supporting a small business and gain the knowledge of the people who understand the climate and community of Sacramento.

If you are interested in booking a complimentary consultation with ASCRIBE Educational Consulting you can book today, start here.

What Is DEI?

"Diversity refers to people’s “race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity nationality, socioeconomic status, language, (dis)ability, age, religious commitment or political perspective.”

Equity promotes “justice, impartiality, and fairness within the procedure, processes, and distribution of resources by institutions or systems.” It’s important to note the distinction between equity and equality. Equality is the acknowledgment of the disparity in resources and opportunities individuals experience. On the other hand, equity allocates additional resources to ensure everyone can achieve the same outcome, regardless of their privilege and power differences.

Inclusion ensures people of all diverse backgrounds are welcome and have a seat at the table. This involves giving all employees the power to weigh in on important decisions and participate in development opportunities."

As defined by the US Chamber of Commerce.

Why Is DEI Important?

Who Needs DEI?


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